Tubing near the Ogden Valley - Float Down the River

There’s something very “Tom Sawyer-esque” about floating down a river on a tube. Maybe it’s the random, occasionally unpredictable movement of the water. Perhaps it’s the absence of computers and phones, or it could be that everyone is barefoot. Whatever the reason, river tubing offers that carefree feeling as the world drifts past.

For the last seven years, Barefoot Tubing based in Morgan has been providing that very experience of floating down the river, specifically the Weber River, from Henefer to Taggart through the Upper Weber Canyon.

Unlike Tom and Huck’s Mississippi River, The Weber River sometimes replaces that lazy feeling with the excitement of faster water and obstacles like bridges and rocks. It’s also easy to get distracted by some of the spectacular geological formations, not the least of which is the famous Devil’s Slide where two massive parallel slabs of rock climb toward the sky along the side of the canyon wall.

“This is a class 2 river and rafters need to use lots of commonsense to navigate the obstacles safely,” said Kyle Hooker, owner of Barefoot Tubing.

With all the water we received this past winter, the adage, “whatever floats your boat,” could not be more fitting.

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