Paddle Boarding in Ogden Valley - Pineview, Causey, and More

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great way to combine fun with exercise. The experience can be relaxing and serene or adventurous and challenging. Health benefits include improving balance, core strength, arm strength, and durability. People of all ages can participate and either take a slow, relaxing paddle on a large body of water or challenge themselves by riding whitewater on a river. Another activity is paddle board yoga, testing the balance and strength of even the most experienced yoga masters.

Pineview Reservoir offers calm, green waters surrounded by incredible alpine views as well as boat ramps, campgrounds, fishing, hiking, and more. There are “no wake” areas perfect for beginners to practice without waves interfering. The mountains surrounding the reservoir keep the winds at bay and make it easy to paddle around or do yoga. To get to Pineview, drive all the way up Ogden Canyon and choose one of the many beaches to park at. For paddle boarding we recommend the west side of the water where less people frequent.

Causey Reservoir offers stand up paddle boarding in the little three fingered lake located 15 minutes northeast of Huntsville, Utah. No motor boats are allowed on the water so it’s always peaceful and serene. Temperatures are perfect for swimming, cliff diving, kayaking, fishing, and everything in between. The reservoir requires life vests, so keep that in mind if you do not want a ticket. Take Ogden Canyon all the way up to Pineview Reservoir and wind around the south side until you reach Huntsville. Continue onto Main Street and head east until it turns into US-39 E. Follow this road for approximately 9 miles and then turn right onto Causey Drive.

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