Bird Watching in the Ogden Valley - Hawks, Osprey, and More!

Bird watching is a relaxing, fun activity and the Valley provides plenty of places to look for all sorts of bird species year-round. Grab your binoculars and admire these beautiful little creatures!

Pineview’s North Arm Viewing Area is one of the more popular areas to view all sorts of wildlife. The trail system will take you through marshes, shrubbery, and other terrain that is home to a variety of birds. Some of these include Osprey, Red-Tailed Hawks, Yellow Warbler, Northern Flicker, the rare Veery bird, Gray Catbird, and dozens of others. 

Wheeler Creek is another beautiful mountain setting where you’ll find multiple types of birds. The creek is in a deep canyon so shade is plentiful during the summer months. Bird watching here features species such as White-Throated Swift, Violet-Green Swallow, Cedar Waxwing, Warbling Vireo, and many more.

Middle Fork Wildlife Management Area also has many opportunities for wildlife viewing. Here you can even find bald eagles in the winter months! Other species include wild turkeys, Red-Tailed Hawks, deer, elk, Yellow Warbler, Western Meadowlark, and Western Kingbird.

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