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Don’t miss out on these sweet attractions, here’s everything you could’ve missed in our other sections! Ride North America’s steepest roller coaster at Lagoon Amusement Park or have a first-hand experience with some of nature’s most beautiful creatures at the Living Planet Aquarium.


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hill air force museum

Hill Aerospace Museum

801.825.5817 | Website

7961 Wardleigh Road. Hill AFB, UT

The Hill AFB Museum opened in 1986 as part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program and has since served over 4 million visitors! Housed on 30 acres and displaying nearly 100 different aircraft both indoors and out, it’s the largest collection of Utah’s Air Force heritage in the state. The mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, and display historical artifacts while simultaneously educating the community about science, technology, engineering, and math.

Family Fun Centers

boondocks utah things to do

Boondocks Fun Center

801.660.6800 | Website

525 S Deseret Drive. Kaysville, UT

With 11 different fun activities to choose from, Boondocks is the one-stop shop for bowling, laser tag, bumper boats, arcade games, mini golf, and much more! Fuel up in between activities with American favorites like pizza and nachos. Boondocks is great for all ages to explore with attractions for smaller children such as Kiddie Cove, mini-bowling, and rookie track go karts. The fun center also does events and birthday parties, celebrate in style!

cherry hill things to do in utah

Cherry Hill Amusement Park

801.451.5379 | Website

1325 S Main Street. Kaysville, UT

Since 1967, Cherry Hill has delighted guests with a variety of different activities. It originally began as a campground but quickly expanded into the campground/waterpark/minigolf/concert center that it is today. The waterpark offers a lazy river, waterslides, children’s water playground (pirate themed), and a foam padded river run. Other activities include minigolf, rock climbing, a jungle maze, batting cages, and food!

cowabunga things to do in draper

Cowabunga Water Park

801.553.1000 | Website

12047 State Street. Draper, UT

Featuring 11 waterslides, a lazy river, and shallow beach-like area, this park is great for all ages to enjoy. Kiddie cove is the perfect spot for younger children to enjoy, and the waterslides give thrill-seekers the ride of their life.

lagoon amusement park farmington things to do

Lagoon Amusement Park

801.451.8000 | Website

375 N Lagoon Drive. Farmington, UT

Since its opening in 1886, Lagoon Amusement Park has delighted guests with a variety of roller coasters, games, and activities. The park has grown into a modern haven for thrill seekers, offering 10 unique roller coasters, one of which is over 100 years old! The most recent addition, The Cannibal, has been named the steepest roller coaster in North America with a riveting 116 degree vertical angle. The amusement park also features a swimming area with waterslides, a kiddie area, pioneer village, stage performances, and more. Swing by around Halloween and experience the park after dark where Frightmares takes place. Walk through haunted houses and celebrate All Hallow’s Eve!


loveland living planet aquarium things to do in draper

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

801.355.3474 | Website

12033 Lone Peak Parkway. Draper, UT

This aquarium is much more than just an aquarium. With over 4,000 different animals housed in the facility, it’s got creatures from the deep sea all the way to the sky. There are 5 different exhibits including everything from South American Rainforests to the Antarctic. Meet playful penguins, clouded leopards, sea turtles, stingrays, sharks, and more crazy critters at Living Planet.

layton aquarium surrounding area things to do

SeaQuest Utah

801.544.4938 | Website

1201 N Hill Field Road #1072. Layton, UT

Explore different species of marine life through realistically themed exhibits like “The Amazon” or “Egyptian Desert.” These hands-on exhibits allow children to really interact with animals. Visitors can feed sharks and otters, get pedicures from hundreds of tiny fish, snorkel with the stingrays, and more. It’s also great for birthday parties and other events!


surrounding area things to do

Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

801.531.0999 | Website

S 3200 W. Layton, UT

This 11 mile preserve is crucial for the migration of over 4 million birds each year. Come learn about this natural habitat and how it affects the ecosystem of the entire world! Bird watchers and plant lovers alike will find peace and solace in this dense piece of nature. Scout troops can earn badges and people of all ages can learn about the importance of The Great Salt Lake.

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