Cat Skiing with Whisper Ridge and Powder Mountain Ski Resort

This is one of the more unique experiences you can get in the Valley. Shred through miles upon miles of fresh powder never before touched by man. 

Whisper Ridge will take you to Paradise, Utah where you’ll get an average of 10 runs per day in with a 12,000 foot vertical. There’s no waiting in line, no sitting on cold lifts, and no other skiers to bump in to. The rides come complete with gourmet breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as well as an aprés ski when the day is done. Single day rides start at $795 per person. For more pricing information, visit Whisper Ridge website.

Powder Mountain partnered with Whisper Ridge to offer even more acreage accessible by cat skis. There are over 70,000 acres of backcountry terrain available depending on weather and conditions. Single rides are also available to the top of Lightning Ridge and Raintree for $25. For other pricing information, visit Powder Mountain’s website.

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