Pineview Reservoir in the Ogden Valley - Recreation Destination

Pineview Reservoir Recreation

Recreation at Pineview includes fishing, ice fishing, boating, swimming, paddle boarding, windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, canoeing, and beach activities such as volleyball and horseshoes. The sandy beaches are located at three spots: Cemetery Point just west of Huntsville, Anderson Cove Campground and day-use area, and Middle Inlet Beach north of Huntsville. Windsurfer Beach on the west side of the lake acts as a trailhead for hiking and biking to Lewis Peak and also has beach access for non-motorized watercraft.

Pineview Reservoir is the busiest reservoir for its size in the state of Utah. This is due to its close proximity to the Davis and Weber County population centers. You can leave your home and be at the water’s edge within half an hour. The scenery around Pineview is also well-worth the visit. Seeing the mountains from the surface of the green waters is an experience to remember. Boating laws are enforced by Weber County Sheriff deputies cooperating with Utah Parks and Recreation. The ramps, campgrounds, and picnic grounds are owned by the US Forest Service and operated under a special use permit issued to American Land and Leisure from Orem, Utah. The water levels and dam are owned and operated by the USDI Bureau of Reclamation and local irrigation companies. Check out our Huntsville Lodging and stay in a charming condo or townhome just moments from the waters edge.


Port Ramp Marina

Located on the west shoreline of the reservoir, this is the most used launching facility. The road into the marina has a large Forest Service sign identifying the site immediately across Highway 158. The facility has a concrete ramp to launch boats and a large paved parking lot. It also has a gravel lot used as overflow parking. Port Ramp has a convenience dock for public use. A sewage dump station is located next to the two toilet buildings in the paved parking lot. There is a concessionaire manager who lives on site if you need information or assistance. Next to the public docks is a gated section of docks for long-term storage of boats. The fenced in lot near the entry station is also for long-term dry boat storage. Contact the concessionaire for rental information.

Cemetery Point Marina

To access the facility, follow Highway 39 to the eastern side of Huntsville. Follow the signs to the swim beach and marina. Cemetery Point is at the end of the road through Huntsville. There is a day use fee for Cemetery Point which applies to the Cemetery Point Marina. The marina is the first entryway to the left after the fee station. They do not allow trailers beyond this point due to parking. This marina offers a small paved parking area, a larger gravel parking lot, and a small set of convenience Docks.

Anderson Cove Campground Boat Ramp

On the south shore of the reservoir is Anderson Cove Campground. This recreation complex includes a shoreline campground with individual campsites and two group sites, a day-use beach, and a boat ramp. Reserve your campsite and enjoy the public boat ramp.

History of Pineview Reservoir

The construction of Pineview Reservoir began in 1934 with the authorization of the Ogden River Project by President Roosevelt. The earth and rock dam was built to store Ogden River flood waters but has since then turned into a recreational paradise. The original height of the reservoir was 103 feet but it was modified by the Weber Basin Project to be 137 feet tall. The capacity is now a whopping 110,150 acre feet and irrigates nearly 25,000 acres of land.

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