29029 snowbasin 2019

Want to climb Mt. Everest without the freezing temperatures, insane costs, and out-of-country travel? If so, 29029 is the event for you. Snowbasin Resort is privately rented for 36 hours for ultimate endurance enthusiasts to climb the mountain as many times as possible. Climb 13 times, and you’ve climbed the same height as Mt. Everest! The weekend includes “glamping” tents, gourmet food, and professional coaching. 2019 has already sold out, so keep your eyes open for 2020 tickets. The event takes place August 22-25th.


xterra snowbasin utah 2019

The Xterra Pan America Championship Off-Road Triathlon and Trail Run National Championship will be held September 7-8th at Snowbasin Resort. As the national qualifying race, it welcomes over 1,000 participates, both amateur and professional. The initial swim in Pineview Reservoir can be cold, so bring a wetsuit (it’s required depending on temperatures), then hop on your mountain bike and ride around the reservoir until you reach the road that takes you to Wheeler Creek Canyon. The mountain bike race continues through Snowbasin’s trail and ends at the main parking lot. Think you might be tired after that? Get over it—there’s a 10k that begins straight up Snowbasin’s mountain from the parking lot. Spectators can watch the whole fiasco for free and enjoy seeing the exhaust-ridden faces of contestants. Fun fact: Lance Armstrong competed here in Ogden, Utah one year.


spartan race snowbasin 2019

For the first year ever, Spartans will gather at Snowbasin Resort on July 20th to undergo one of the most physically challenging obstacle courses in the world. Previously held at Nordic Valley, the Spartan Race is a grueling course with incomparable mountain views as a reward. Contestants will face obstacles such as running through muddy terrain, throwing javelins, rope courses, and much more. If they cannot complete one of these tasks, they are faced with a penalty (such as the dreaded “burpee”) they must complete to move on. Spectators must pay to watch, but it’s well worth it. Watching mud-covered friends and family slip up a beautiful mountain is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon!

Huntsville Marathon

huntsville utah marathon

As the leaves begin to change color and the weather takes a slight dip in temps, the Huntsville Marathon comes along to offer picturesque mountain views to runners. This race is a Boston Marathon qualifier and is primarily downhill, which can be either a bonus or a drawback. Huntsville Marathon also offers a half marathon for those less-than-keen on running 26 miles. The event begins in the Monte Cristo Mountain Range and continues all the way to Huntsville Park, a scene for relaxation. The beauty of the area is incomparable so even when you’re in pain, you’re definitely not getting an eye-sore. The event is scheduled for September 21st.

Ogden Marathon

ogden marathon

Each spring, the Ogden Marathon returns to Ogden Valley to the delight of residents and tourists alike. The race starts in Huntsville, Utah in the early morning when temperatures can be quite cold, so plan accordingly. Because of the season, rain is always a possibility: bring a poncho! Runners will begin by going around Pineview Reservoir and then head down the canyon where half-marathoners will join in. Both groups get incredible views of the enormous rock walls, pine-covered peaks, and the beauty of aid stations along the way. The course is primarily downhill and participants are encouraged to bring great shoes and an even better attitude. Join other runners on 25th street where the marathon ends for an evening of food and fun, it’s a full-on festival! This event is typically held at the end of May.

Skyline Mountain Marathon

skyline mountain marathon

Beginning in North Fork Park, this gorgeous run is one of the most difficult you’ll encounter. On August 10th, 2019, run uphill through tons of switchbacks all the way to the top of the North Ogden Divide. Then, half marathoners will join in and head towards Lewis Peak while surrounded by breathtaking mountain views and scenic city overlooks. You’ll cut across down to Windsurfer Beach at Pineview before actually making it to Lewis Peak, but we highly recommend hiking up to it another time. The race ends in Eden Park just off of the North Arm Trail where aid will be waiting to hand you a bottle of water!

Eden Epic

eden epic trails

The Eden Epic is the epitome of mountain bike racing. Not only is the ride 46.2 miles over rugged mountain terrain, it also has an average 7% grade with a peak elevation of 9,675 feet. The trek begins on September 28th, 2019 with a 4.3 mile grind up the Avon Liberty Pass and features a dirt road which can be difficult to climb in wet conditions. Then, contestants will take an ATV trail (yes, an ATV trail) until mile 9.3 where the trail feeds into Willard/Basin Road. Grind for another 7 miles and you’ll hit the single track section of the race where you’re in for a major treat. The Skyline Trail will take riders all the way to Windsurfer Beach at Pineview Reservoir to cross the finish line. The entire ride is filled with spectacular views, intense elevation changes, and challenges around every turn!

Balloon Festival

ogden valley balloon festival 2019

For a less physically intense event, head to Eden for the annual Ogden Valley Balloon Festival! From August 16-18th colorful hot air balloons will fill the mountain sky and provide epic views from both the ground and the air! Both morning and evening launches take place on Friday and Saturday, then the party on the ground begins. There are hundreds of vendors, local artists, and live talent to be enjoyed in Eden Park. Reserve a hot air balloon ride soon, they sell out quickly!

Camelbak Pursuit

camelbak pursuit snowbasin 2019

Great news, there’s now a summer camp just for adults! Held at Snowbasin Resort from June 27-30th, the Camelbak Pursuit features 3 days of unique outdoor activities that range from wind surfing to meditation to outdoor cooking and everything in between. As a bonus, meals (and drinks) are included. Passes begin at $75 for a camping spot, but that doesn’t include activities. Build your own schedule with either the 1-day or 3-day pass and all gear will be provided for you. If you’re looking for a more prestigious camping experience, “glamping” tents will be available for $1,599 and come fully furnished with either a king size or two twin size beds. Mountain Luxury Lodging features the closest lodging to the resort, so feel free to stay with us as well.

El Doce

el doce at powder mountain

This is Utah’s premiere mountain bike race. Hosted at Powder Mountain Resort on July 20th and sponsored by the GOAL Foundation, the 12-hour race is in an absolutely breathtaking location. There are roughly 13.3 miles of trails per lap and the race averages a 1,400 foot accent. The ride is great for both beginners and experts alike. The best part? You can camp right on the mountain and enjoy delicious tacos, frosty beverages, and great conversation with other riders.

Tour of Utah

tour of utah bike race

This huge event is the street biking race that rivals the Tour De France. With breathtaking venues that take contestants all over the state of Utah, the tour is recognized world-wide for its unique scenery and diverse array of terrain. From Park City to Antelope Island, you’ll get to immerse yourself in dynamic terrain from round 1 until the last. This year the tour will be stopping in at Powder Mountain, and we highly recommend experiencing Eden, Utah from one of the top elevation points in the whole state!

The Ogden Valley is one of the best places for adventure. Whether you’re skiing the slopes of Snowbasin or mountain biking at Powder Mountain, there’s excitement around every corner. Stay in the Valley and see what makes this place so great. Once you’re here, you won’t want to leave. Good thing there’s tons of Huntsville, Utah real estate to choose from! There’s no such thing as a bad day in the mountains, let us be your guide.