The Powder Keg Hosts Wisebird

Thursday, January 4, 2018 from 3pm to 6pm
Wisebird plays authentic, soulful rock– thick with heavy, swampy rhythm and groove. The stuff that comes from the gut. Although these are intelligent guys playing well-crafted music, it isn’t over-thought. It may even be described as “”brilliantly obvious,” as in you don’t need to think too hard to figure it out. This is a good thing. Their music– like their powerful live performances– is fresh, vibrant and new, yet it is still somehow familiar. There seems to be something for most music junkies in the mix. For song lovers, this is lyric-driven music that doesn’t take endless left turns. For rockers, Wisebird’s guitar-driven Southern strut screams out “Freedom!” (but not in a Mel Gibson way). For jam kids, it is reminiscent of the late 1980’s when Phish was channeling Lowell George– either through Little Feat or his production of Robert Palmer’s best work– in some of their raw, sweaty covers.