Brothers Brimm at The Powder Keg: Ogden Based Progressive Jams

Brothers Brimm – Ogden based Progressive Jam Band

Friday, February 23 at 3 PM – 6 PM
Brothers Brimm is an amalgamation of camaraderie and late-night caffeine infused jam sessions. Blending funky grooves, intricate guitar work, and soaring keys solos the band attempts to stand on the shoulders of jam giants before them, while they work to carve out a space for themselves. Since the band’s inception the members write their music with an ethos of never resting on their laurels, to always give their fans a new experience, and to produce funky jams that move both body and mind.
The members of Brothers Brimm met in the fall of 2014 while teaching private music lessons at On Chord Academy in Layton, Utah. One night after their students had gone home for the evening the guys setup their gear in the back of a hot sweaty rehearsal room, kicked out a beat, and wrote their first song “Buckle My Shoe.” Since that first jam session Brothers Brimm has released 2 studio EP’s and 1 live EP. Their live performance is one-part carefully constructed riffs & melodies, and one-part walking a net-less tightrope of improvisation and on-stage creation.

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