Che Zuro at the Powder Keg - Mountain Luxury Lodging

Powder Keg Presents Che Zuro

Monday, February 12 at 3 PM – 6 PM
After seeing The Rolling Stones on TV and decided she wanted to be just like Keith Richards, Che Zuro’s parents complied. They bought her an electric guitar. She was 9.
Over the years Che has worked with many groups and artists, singing, playing, touring, recording, such as Phil Seymour, Carmine Appice, Dokkin, Josie Cotton (“Johnny Are You Queer?”), Berlin, Charlie Sexton (now with Bob Dylan,) and more! Her band Population 5 with Prescott Niles (Knack), Jb Frank and Danny Stag who both went on to play with Kingdom Come, and drummer Matt Sorum (GnR, Cult, etc.) made a mark on the music biz in the mid 80s but never quite signed the elusive deal. Che finally decided to work on her own music and her own band, and being, finally, the front person.
Her music has been acquired for film and TV libraries and her songs can be heard in such films as “Critters” and “Gypsy 83.” She’s been called the hardest working woman in rock and roll! Working on CD #7, Che is putting together a collection of songs about her hometown in Pennsylvania which she visits often, and looks forward to more music, more recording, more gigs!!!! When asked how will you know when it’s time to stop? Her view is the same as the one who originally inspired her, “when they bring the hearse around!”

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