Brooke Mackintosh at The Powder Keg - Mountain Luxury Lodging

The Powder Keg Presents Brooke Mackintosh

Monday, February 5 at 3 PM – 6 PM
About Brooke Mackintosh
A multi-instrumentalist born with the ability to play by ear, Brooke’s primary instruments include her sultry-angelic voice, guitar, percussion and keys. A respected studio musician and vocalist, she specializes in performing live acoustic shows, multi-part harmonies, backing vocals and developing musical soundscapes, while her true passion lies in the art of songwriting. Guitar in hand, her live performances truly capture the essence of the wild Rocky Mountains with a little Southern Soul for a sound she calls, Acoustic Mountain Soul Music. A full time mother, singer-songwriter, musician and humanitarian, Brooke Mackintosh not only creates Mountain Soul Music, she has the strength, beauty and wisdom of a Mountain soul.

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