The Powder Keg – Sammy Brue & The Grinders

December 22, 2019 | 3 PM – 6 PM

Folk / Americana / Singer/Songwriter
The Powder Keg proudly hosts local favorite Sammy Brue, named an “Americana prodigy” by Rolling Stone and as a “wunderkind” by American Songwriter. Brue is a remarkable young talent that is already building an impressive body of work. After receiving a guitar from his father for Christmas in 2011, Brue quickly took to the instrument and started learning the songs of his father’s musical heroes like Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. Within two months, he wrote his first song, “The Woody Guthrie Song,” at the age of 10. Last year, Brue self-released his second EP, I Don’t Want You To Leave, a devastatingly beautiful collection of songs that touches on heartbreak, jealousy, religion and suicide. The release elicited praise from Rolling Stone and The Fader with the former enthusing, “On songs like the title track, it’s nearly impossible not to think of a young Bob Dylan discovering Woody Guthrie, cutting his teeth in New York bars,” adding, “There’s a youthful vitality; a stripped, naked starkness only someone without years of thickly built insecurities crusted on like a shell could hit, but the maturity is still a little uncanny.”