Pop Up Dinners at Powder Mountain

  Bower Lodge (map)

Join Powder Mountain on Wednesdays during the 2018 winter season for Pop Up Dinners at Bower Lodge in Eden, UT.  These delicious dinners are influenced by local farms and inspired by life in the mountains, Powder Mountain Chefs will be providing a delicious three course meal. Accompanying each dinner there will be either live music, tap takeovers, spirit pairings or wine tastings. Dinner guests are encouraged to bring their preferred beverages. Only 40 seats available per night.
Warm your palette with the vibrant flavors of India. Handmade flatbreads will accompany traditional dishes such as aloo gobi (curried cauliflower braised with potatoes) and masala rubbed chicken. Don’t worry, the spice will be appropriate for all ages – but the flavor will be off the charts!