Cinnabar Aprés Music – Jelly Bread

Stop by for free aprés music in the Snowbasin Resort Cinnabar presenting Jelly Bread
It’s free live music from Jelly Bread playing funk, rock, roots and soul in the Cinnabar Wednesday, December 27th, Thursday, December 28th, and Friday, December 29th from 3:30pm-6:00pm.
Jelly Bread’s musical alchemy blends a dash of alt-rock with soul and funk, yet is thoroughly steeped in Rock-Americana. The band’s chameleonic playlist is highlighted by dual vocals, four part harmonies, in-the-pocket drum and bass grooves, swampy lap steel guitar, dirt under the fingernails guitar licks, and take-’em-to-church organ that is downright appetizing. Jelly Bread has emerged with a high-energy calling card that melds elements of desert twang and the urban tones of funk & rock, balanced by exceptional songwriting and storytelling.