Cinnabar Aprés at Snowbasin Presents: Drugstore Gypsies

Drugstore Gypsies at Cinnabar Aprés Music

Sunday, February 18th and Monday, February 19th from 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm
“The Drugstore Gypsies” explores what it means to be an impetuous young American male living life to the fullest. Tales of humorous conquest blend into battles with burgeoning demons. Stories of love and betrayal lay bare the band’ s undeniable maturity as writers, hidden just beneath a convincing veneer of youth and bravado. This is a band people will make movies about.
In their own words, they are intent on to bring to you, “Some of the greatest music of the modern day!” Experience a Gypsies’ show and you’ ll be consumed by their irrepressible enthusiasm and innate humor. Know them and succumb to their down-home charm. “We are intent on taking our place in rock ‘ n’ roll history with the great American rock bands who have come before.”
Treasure their record and bear witness to their rise.
“Made from the intuition of former Berklee College of Music students and the minds of back yard bull shitters alike, we are The Drugstore Gypsies. We play a unique blend of southern rock and roll, country/western, and blues music. Our style of music however can range from sounds like Led Zeppelin to Conway Twitty. Overall we like to classify what we play as Southern Americana music.”

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