Mountain Biking in Paradise

They say good things come in threes, but whoever made up that saying hasn’t been to Powder Mountain Resort on a mountain bike. Up here, good things come in twelves.
Held this year on July 20th, 2019, the third annual El Doce at Pow Mow premier mountain biking event will provide 12 hours of amazing riding for you or a team, with about 1,200 feet of ascent, and about 12 miles per lap (see a pattern here?). This race will be run on some of the most beautiful trails you’ll ever set your nobbies on.
El Doce at Powder Mountain
El Doce, or twelve in Spanish, takes place on trails designed by the Intermountain Mountain Biking Association and offers views of the Ogden Valley and mountain peaks all around that are “muy bonita.”
The event gives riders the chance to shred slices of every one of Powder Mountain’s spectacular mountain bike trails, like the ever popular Brim Trail. The trails are so gorgeous, it may be hard to remember there’s a competition going on.
The main idea of this event is to start as many laps as possible before the allotted time has expired. The pit area will be the hub of activity with vendor booths and music playing all day as team members mingle and wait for their turn on the course.
“We expect this race to attract elite riders and grow each year, but it’s designed for anyone to enjoy, regardless of skill or riding experience,” said Jenny Scothern, race director and executive director of the GOAL Foundation. Each registration includes a meal, a mug, and a frosty beverage of your choice.
El Doce at Powder Mountain
Teams of 1-4 are allowed to participate in the 12 hour division while the six hour race can be ridden by one or two riders. Each team can split the race up however they choose, by riding one, two, or three laps at a time. “We expect each lap to take between one and two hours, depending on the rider’s abilities,” said Scothern.
Not only is there some epic mountain biking to be had during this weekend, but to enhance the experience, Powder Mountain offers camping on the mountain where you can relax the night prior. Powder Mountain camping is primitive camping on rough ground with no water or power, a perfect formula to become one with nature. If camping’s not your jam, there are plenty of other options at
So round up the amigos and come enjoy some of the best mountain biking Utah has to offer! Registration and details can be found at Powder Mountain is one of the most spectacular places in all of Utah. Stay near the mountain and experience the beauty of the area with our Eden, Utah Lodging, then live near the slopes with Powder Mountain Real Estate or Eden, Utah Homes for Sale.