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Catering Menu

Menu Provided by Peddlers Catering

Orders Must be Placed 4 Days in Advance

Pricing does not include tax and additional $35 delivery fee.

How to Order

1) Choose meal quantities and complete the order form.

2) You will receive an email confirming your order. Check your spam folder if you have not received it.

3) Peddlers Catering will reach out to you to confirm meal details, dietary requirements, and payment.

Gluten Free


    À La Carte Meat Filling

    Great for Taco’s, Salads or Sandwiches

    32oz    |   $40

    Sweet Pulled Pork

    Green Chili Chicken

    BBQ Pulled Pork

    All Time Favorites

    2 – 3 Day Notice Required

    Peddlers Chicken Enchiladas
    ( upon request )   

    Filled with spinach, pepper jack and goat cheese. Smothered with a roasted sweet corn tomatillo sauce

    Serves 4 full or 8 halves   |   $45

    Turkey Lasagna

    Traditional style

    Serves 6 – 9    |   $50

    Mushroom and Sausage Lasagna

    with a red wine sauce

    Serves 6 – 9   |   $60


    32oz    |   $25

    Tomato Artichoke Bisque

    Curried Parsnip 

    Spicy Ginger Carrot

    32oz  |   $30

    Moroccan Sweet Potato Stew   

    Vegan Chili  

    Turkey Chili

    32oz  |   $35

    Roasted Cauliflower and Pilsner   

    Sausage, Kale and Potato

    Potato and Blue Cheese

    Muffins – $22.50/dozen

    ( upon request, $5 extra)

    Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

    Banana Blueberry Almond

    Zucchini Carrot Coconut

    Cranberry Almond

    Sweet Almond Cornbread

    Meals for Pickup

    5 Day Notice Required. Vegan menu available upon request. Email Peddlers Catering for more info.

    Gluten Free


    Week 1 Meals | Starts 12/21/2020

    Miso Mahi with white wine and sweet pea risotto, Chef’s Vegetable Mixed Green Salad with Balsamic vinaigrette and bread

    (meal is besides bread)

    2 for $45

    Brats with caramelized red onions and apples with rosemary mashed red potatoes, Mixed Green salad with Balsamic vinaigrette and bread

    (meal is besides bread)

    2 for $35

    Week 2 Meals | Starts 12/28/2020

    Juniper Pork Tenderloin with mashed yams and pears, Mixed Greens with ginger sesame vinaigrette and bread

    (meal is  besides bread)

    2 for $35

    Ginger BBQ Salmon with spaghetti squash and quinoa, Mixed Greens with ginger sesame vinaigrette and bread

    (meal is besides bread)

    2 for $45

    Week 3 Meals | Starts 01/04/2021

    BBQ Sage Pork Ribs with Smoked Cheddar Polenta and fennel carrots, Caesar salad and bread

    (meal is  besides bread)

    2 for $45

    Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto Chicken with angel hair pasta with tomatoes, peppers, feta, basil, and pine nuts, Caesar salad and bread

    2 for $35

    Week 4 Meals | Starts 01/11/2021

    Marinated & Smoked Beef Brisket with tarragon mashed red potatoes and Brussels, Spinach salad with Honey Dijon vinaigrette and bread

    (meal is  besides bread)

    2 for $45

    Smoked Salmon with butternut squash, almond, and fig brown rice and Chef’s Vegetables, Spinach salad with Honey Dijon vinaigrette and bread

    (meal is  besides bread)

    2 for $45

    Holiday Menu

    Order Must be Placed on or Before 12/22/2020. Delivered Thursday, Dec. 24th between 3-4pm for Christmas Dinner.

    Gluten Free



    Rosemary Prime Rib
    With wild mushroom sauce and horseradish sauce, tarragon mashed red potatoes, and fennel carrots

    $42/person | 6 person min.

    Jerk Chicken & Smoked Beef Brisket

    With mashed yams and pears, brussels sprouts with bacon


    Smoked Salmon and Juniper Pork Tenderloin

    With butternut squash and sundried tomato risotto, ginger sesame green beans


    Choose One Salad for the Group

    Spinach Salad
    With Apples, feta, peppers, and almonds with Dijon Vinaigrette

    Mixed Green Salad
    With candied pecans, berries, and goat cheese with balsamic Vinaigrette

    Choose Two Desserts for the Group

    Cranberry Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Espresso Brownies


    Chocolate Mousse Cake

    Pecan Bars

    Berry Cheesecake

    Ginger Carrot Cake

    Guest Information

    When do you want your meals? (required)


    Please double-check that your meal quantities are correct before submitting your order.

    In-Room Chef Service

    For this service, call
    Melissa Gagestein of Peddlers Catering
    at 801.686.7932

    Menu to be decided by you and Peddlers
    Cost of meal + $175 for chef and server

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