Powder Mountain’s Brim Trail

When it comes to Powder Mountain, most people immediately think of the miles and miles of untracked powder, the secluded atmosphere, short lift lines, and epic skiing. While those things are all true about this northern Utah resort, the summertime brings with it a new level of excitement to this otherwise snowy playground.
Among the many new mountain bike trails at Powder Mountain, the Brim Trail has become one of the most popular with its gradual grade and beautiful atmosphere. The array of colorful wildflowers and green mountain grasses peak during mid-summer but with the gorgeous panoramic scenery, there’s really no such thing as bad timing.
Even the most focused riders will find themselves easily distracted by one spectacular vista after another. The views of Ogden Valley, Snowbasin, and even the Great Salt Lake framed with vibrant flowers, groves of Aspen and Fir, alpine meadows, and possibly an occasional deer or moose truly make this one of the most picturesque trails in Utah. The added weight of carrying a small camera is well worth the extra effort.
The Brim Trail is comprised of a large 7.2-mile main loop, with shorter bite sized options possible. Beginning at an altitude of around 8,900 feet, the course is rated as beginner level with an overall elevation change of 330 feet and an average trail grade of 7%. The parking lot is located at the highest level of the loop which requires a slight climb when returning from the halfway point.
The gentle grade is still easy aerobically, especially when taking breaks for the irresistible photo ops. Riders may access the trail from the Hidden Lake parking lot by using the Hidden Lake to Brim Trail connector. The loop may also be found by driving out to the “nest” to avoid the connector trail; a wise option if riding with younger children. Parking out near the “nest” could be limited based on the new construction taking place at Powder Mountain.
The loop may be ridden in either direction, but by riding clockwise, all left turns will result in the full outer loop experience. The trail is comprised mostly of packed dirt, with a few rocky sections and some fun rollers mixed in for good measure. In order to preserve the integrity of the trail, it is not recommended for muddy or wet conditions. It’s also closed to horses, thus maintaining a smoother riding experience.
As an added benefit to more advanced riders, there are several A/B options offering more challenges such as jumps, steep berms, or more difficult sequences of rocks to navigate. More timid riders may simply continue on the main trail to avoid the extra effort. The new Woody’s World to the Paper Airplane trail are excellent extensions to add mileage and enjoyment. The Paper Airplane Trail is the site of a metal art installation in the form of a paper airplane that appears to have landed on the mountain. It is worth the extra few minutes to visit the site even if not riding the entire trail.
The Brim Trail is great for families out for a fun afternoon, or for hardcore riders looking for a great cross-country work out. Regardless of the reason, the fresh mountain air and stunning views make it a perfect escape from the heat of the valley.
As with all outdoor physical activities, it’s wise to plan for weather conditions and fitness level by bring plenty of water, food, sunscreen, and safety gear. If needed, bike rentals are available at Powder Mountain and Diamond Peak in Eden.