Ogden Valley Area - About Eden, Huntsville, and Liberty, Utah

What is Ogden Valley

The Ogden Valley is a mountain paradise, located between the Monte Cristo and Wasatch Mountain Ranges. The area is perfect for adventuring into the wilderness with tons of trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Pineview Reservoir is the heart of the valley and allows for boating, fishing, kayaking, and of course, swimming!

The Valley is composed of Eden, Huntsville, and Liberty.  A beautiful 15 min drive from Ogden through a gorgeous canyon leads to the mouth of Pineview Reservoir. Take the north turn turn at the top of the canyon and find yourself in the charming city of Eden, Utah, named for its incredible scenery. Continue straight and discover Huntsville, a beautiful city on the eastern side of Pineview Reservoir. Liberty is just a bit further north of Eden and features North Fork Park.
The Ogden Valley features three ski resorts for winter ski-cations. Nordic Valley is located just 11 minutes north of Pineview Reservoir. Powder Mountain is 21 minutes northeast of Nordic Valley. Huntsville’s Snowbasin Ski Resort is 10 minutes south of Pineview and was the host of the 2002 Olympics for the downhill ski and snowboard events.

Apart from the many all-season activities in the Valley, there are tons of events going on year-round. The Ogden Valley Balloon Festival, one of the most celebrated events in all of northern Utah, takes place every August in Eden Park. Hot air balloons soar through the air for three days, taking some into the sky and allowing others to watch them fly. The festival also includes a wide variety of vendors, everything from food trucks to artist booths.

Snowbasin Resort holds the Cinnabar Aprés Concert Series, offering free music in the Earl’s Lounge with some of the finest brews in Utah. Speaking of brews, summer Sundays are also busy at Snowbasin with the Blues, Brews, and BBQs concert series. It’s yet another free concert series from June through September.


Huntsville cabin in Ogden Valley

Huntsville Town is synonymous to a Norman Rockwell painting come to life. American flags line the streets on Federal holidays. The town center is a beautiful park taking up a full city block with a stage, playground, soccer field, volleyball, tennis courts, pickleball, basketball court and bowery all wrapped by towering 100-foot evergreens. Huntsville is famous for it’s 4th of July celebration which includes a local parade with tractors, a mounted posse, local family floats and children with patriotic streamers floating behind their bikes. Winter offers a free ice skating rink maintained by volunteers with pick up hockey games and an invitation for all to get out and enjoy winter.

Home to 2002 Winter Olympic Venue Snowbasin Resort, Huntsville is one of the most beautiful and quiet towns of the Rockies. As one of three towns that compose what the locals refer to as the Ogden Valley, Huntsville Town encompasses the essence of mountain living inviting you into a community rich with pride.

Huntsville borders the eastern and southern shores of Pineview Reservoir while Eden lays claim to the northern and western waterfronts. Even on the busiest days, there is plenty of room on the lake to throttle a boat to the max, snake your way around on a sailboat or paddle in peace. Whether it is spending the day on one of the many sandy beaches or enjoying the boat life, summer days on Pineview elicit childlike grandeur and awe.

While Park City is frequently commended as Utah’s skiing destination, the Ogden Valley is the best-kept secret around and the locals strive to keep it that way. The elevation of Huntsville is 4,928 feet compared to Park City’s 7,000 feet, so the weather is more moderate taking the chill out of the air but leaving the beautiful snow. The ski resorts of Ogden Valley (Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, and Nordic Valley) allow for ample ski runs without the lift lines found at Park City Mountain and Deer Valley Resort. Enjoy shorter lines, more skiable acreage, and a better climate all while legally riding your snowmobile or ATV in Huntsville Town.

Homes in Huntsville are a unique mix of farmhouses, bungalows, luxury and craftsman style homes. Barns abound painted with images of America and greetings. Downtown is host to the Shooting Star Saloon, the longest continually operating bar in the state, dental office, restaurant, small hotel and two bed and breakfasts. Wrap up town with daily church bells ringing on the hour, a gas station and post office you have it, an Americana small town holding on to its’ roots.


Eden Utah Ogden Valley

When Washington Jenkins was hired to plot the town of Eden, he said he thought the area was one of the most beautiful sites he had ever surveyed and suggested the biblical name “Eden.” It was then that the temporary name of North Fork Town was changed to reflect the beauty and serenity equal to the scriptural utopia.

Eden is the center of any hustle and bustle in the area with several restaurants, a full-service grocery store, a ski and bike shop, boutiques, a championship-level golf course, and the newly renovated Maverick gas station can all be found near the valley’s only four-way stop. There’s even a fully functioning blacksmith shaping iron into works of art, tools, and other items, reminiscent of the days when the valley was first settled. With Powder Mountain and Nordic Valley ski resorts on either side, Eden becomes a bustling hub of activity throughout the winter while thrill-seekers hunt for their next perfect line down the slopes.

Eden conveniently borders the north side of Pineview Reservoir in the summer so you can enjoy boating, swimming, paddle boarding, canoeing, or simply walking the path that surrounds the reservoir. Enjoy the beauty of the Valley in fall by hiking or biking the many trails that are located throughout Eden, Liberty, and Huntsville.
This quiet town amid the Wasatch mountains takes center stage at the arrival of The Ogden Valley Balloon Festival, one of the most celebrated events in all of northern Utah, hosted at Eden Park. Over the course of three days, hot air balloons soar into the heavens taking passengers into the air while thousands of others gather to watch as they add contrast and color to the azure summer sky. The festival also includes a wide variety of vendors, everything from food trucks to artist booths.


liberty ranch

Neatly tucked between the Wasatch and Monte Cristo mountain ranges is the quiet city of Liberty, Utah. Beauty unparalleled, the rural small-town feel creates a mountain paradise. The town of Liberty is just minutes from all three of Ogden Valley’s ski resorts and Pineview Reservoir.

Two of the most renowned activities that takes place in the Ogden Valley are the Fourth of July celebrations. Huntsville Town has a celebration and Liberty Days is a party that everyone in the valley comes to celebrate! Liberty offers a pancake breakfast in the morning before the festivities really start. Then the parade takes place with a wide variety of do-it-yourself floats. Local kids are welcome to decorate their bikes and ride along. It’s a parade for the people, by the people…they do live in the town of Liberty after all.

Mutton bustin’, chicken chasin’, and pig catchin’ are all part of the fun at the Liberty Days celebration. Have you ever seen a group of children try to catch Rainbow Trout in a huge tub of water? It’s a hilarious tradition celebrated each year. All in all, this small town has some of the greatest activities in the entire valley!

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