Get a little creative and explore Ogden, Utah with a loved one this summer. There’s much more to do than you might think in this little mountain town. We’ve compiled a list of the best date night ideas to fit any budget. Explore the beauty of the Wasatch Range through tons of hiking trails or go retro with a night of arcade games. 





Take a Hike!

One of the most fun, active, and free dates is hiking in the Wasatch Mountains. Experience views like none other in Ogden Valley. We recommend checking out Wheeler Creek or Powder Mountain’s Brim Trail for some of the most beautiful scenery that Utah has to offer. Both of these trails are also great for mountain biking, wildlife viewing, and some romantic time away from the city. Check out other Ogden Valley trails and make it a routine date night!

Pack a Picnic

Everybody likes to eat. Take some sandwiches, fruit, and cookies and head to a local park for a private mini getaway. Mount Ogden Park and Huntsville Park both offer tennis or pickleball courts for a nice little workout after eating. Just like the old rom-coms that idealize this cute date, be sure to bring a blanket! 

Art from the Heart 

Run to the local arts and crafts store (or Dollar Tree) and grab some creative mediums. Whether it’s paint, molding clay, a coloring book, or something crafty, this low cost date is sure to create memories. Pro tip: Pour painting is super fun, easy, and it makes beautiful paintings you’d be proud to hang up in the house. 

Drive until Dusk

Utah is pretty, get out and admire the scenery with a Sunday afternoon drive. The Ogden River Scenic Byway begins at the base of Ogden Canyon near Rainbow Gardens. Continue past the waterfall and through the geologically unique canyon. Around Pineview Reservoir and through Huntsville you’ll find even more splendor in the Monte Cristo Mountain Range. Watch the sunset over the glittering waters of Pineview on the way back for a perfect ending.

Camp with the Critters

Roast s’mores over a fire in one of Ogden Valley’s unique campgrounds. In the Monte Cristo Mountains there are tons of campsites, many of which are near Causey or Pineview Reservoirs. Enjoy a night away from the city lights and stargaze where the light pollution won’t obstruct views. There’s nothing more romantic than uninterrupted quality time!

Explore the Ogden Nature Center

This unique setting provides people the opportunity to connect and explore their natural environment right in the heart of Ogden. With 152 acres available to explore displays, walk pathways, enjoy birding, ponds, and unique animal habitats. Admission is $5 for those 13 and older and don’t miss special events such as concerts, fun runs, bird walks, and nature journaling. Volunteer to help with the animals and plants and add to your karma account.





Spend $25 on 25th 

The history of 25th street dates back to 1869 when the Union Station officially opened. While it was an important part of the railroad, eventually it became overrun with thieves, gamblers, and gangsters. In 1954 the area was cleaned up and today it is a bustling street with many cafes, restaurants, antique stores, art galleries, and more. For this scenario, both partners take $25 and spend it on the other person. Whether it’s a meal at Rovali’s Italian Food or a knick knack from the thrift shop, it’s sure to leave a mark on the heart.

Marvelous Museums in Ogden

Ogden’s rich history has made it possible for a variety of museums to come to live. Eccles Dinosaur Park is a collection of life-size prehistoric creatures native to Utah as well as other fun exhibits. The Eccles Community Art Center offers local art, yoga, dance classes, craft courses, and more! Don’t forget about the art walk on 25th Street on the first Friday of each month where local artists and vendors showcase their work. Get out of the house and support the community. 

Ogden Events

Ogden has tons of opportunities when it comes to events. The Twilight Concert Series has international artists come to our little community every week and put on a show in the summer. Peery’s Egyptian Theater has a variety of performances going on including ballet and plays. Check out our events page for more happenings in the area and grab your tickets!

Awaken your inner child at the arcade! 

When’s the last time you showed off your air hockey or ski-ball skills? Bring your date and immerse yourself in some classic fun. Fat Cats in Ogden offers a full arcade complete with laser tag, bumper cars, and bowling. Toad’s Fun Zone offers amenities such as an arcade, mini golf, laser tag, a driving range, go karts, and a batting cage. Fun idea: whoever has the least amount of tickets has to make dinner!

Paddle Boarding

Rent a couple of paddle boards from Ogden Valley Sports and enjoy the cool waters of Pineview or Causey Reservoirs. Causey is great for paddle boarding because there’s no motorboats allowed on the water, so it’s typically calm and serene. Try out paddle board yoga for an extra spin on this adventure.

Mosey to the Movies

Go to the local drive in, Motor-Vu, and experience the latest releases on four giant digital projection movie screens. Since 1947, Coleman’s Motor-Vu Drive in has been providing people with hours of entertainment. The theatre also has a snack bar so you can still enjoy fresh popcorn with your movies. Plus, you get to see two movies for the price of one, what a deal!





Amuse Your Amore

Lagoon Amusement Park is home to the Cannibal roller coaster, which happens to have the steepest drop in North America and holds the world record for the tallest beyond-vertical drop on a roller coaster. Get a thrill out of the wild rides and then relax in the cool waters of Lagoon-A-Beach. Pioneer Village is a unique feature that provides a blast to the old west past. In the fall, the park gets all dressed up for the Halloween season and has multiple haunted houses (a great excuse to hold hands).


Need I say more? This once in a lifetime opportunity allows first-time jumpers to experience the beauty of Ogden from 12,000 feet above! The endeavor costs just over $200 for an instruction briefing, 20 minute plane ride, 60 second free-fall (with instructor), 7 minute parachute ride, and a first-jump certificate. You can also upgrade your package to include video and photography work. If jumping out of an airplane isn’t really your thing, don’t worry. iFLY Utah provides the opportunity to skydive in a completely controlled environment, indoors!

Rent for Rec

Borrow some high-quality recreational vehicles! Rent a boat, jet skis, four wheelers, snowmobiles, UTVs, or many other toys. In addition there are wakeboard, waterski, and boat rentals. Locations are available at Pineview, East Canyon, Willard Bay, Starvation, Monte Cristo, and Eden. Reservations can be made here.

Go Golfing

There are 8 unique courses in Ogden City alone, each with rolling greens and well-groomed fairways. With a variety of courses offering different amenities, it’s easy to find the perfect course for you and your love to relax and drive some golf balls. We recommend checking out Wolf Creek Resort because of the impeccable location in the Ogden Valley. 

Prime-Time Climbs 

The Front Climbing Gym in Ogden offers a wide variety of climbing and yoga activities. Day passes are $20 each and equipment rentals are extra. Classes are available for both beginner and advanced climbers as well as $99 month-to-month memberships for couples. If you’d prefer to take your rock climbing adventure outdoors then Weber State University offers guided climbing for groups. American Mountain Guides are trained and certified to take you into the beautiful Wasatch Range. A half day (1-5 hours) costs $100 for the first person and is only $75 for each additional guest; a full day (6-9 hours) is $125 for the first person and $100 for additional group members.

Romantic Getaway

Sometimes one night just isn’t enough to satisfy. Therefore, we suggest coming to vacation with Mountain Luxury Lodging. Our mountain vacation rentals are perfect for romantic getaways. We offer lodging in Huntsville and Eden, Utah with everything from 1 bedroom condos to luxury homes. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free weekend Snowbasin shuttle or in-room massage add-ons. There’s no such thing as a bad day in the mountains, let us be your guide.